[HackSoc] Problems with the Wired Bean...

Sean Reifschneider jafo-nclug at tummy.com
Tue Jan 29 00:05:21 MST 2002

I just figured I'd post this, since we have discussed meeting there in the
past...  Beyond the fact that the owner of the Wired Bean has (repeatedly)
not responded to my e-mail about our meeting at their location, there's
another reason they aren't optimal for meeting...  It may also explain why
they don't care to answer...

I haven't been over there much except on Saturday afternoons, and some time
during spring break.  The place has always been nearly deserted...  I tried
going over there tonight at around 9pm...  There was *ONE* open seat,
literally...  People there studying, a couple of folks with laptops...  The
scene was the same at the Starbucks at the book store too...

I know that during spring break, and probably also during summer break,
that Wired Bean closes MUCH earlier (10pm?).

I don't know if tonight was an unusually busy night (there aren't any heavy
exams going on now, are there?), but I'd think it'd need to be at least
HALF as busy to work very well for us.

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