[HackSoc] NCLUG Hacking Society Meeting Minutes

Sean Reifschneider jafo at tummy.com
Tue Apr 15 23:04:33 MDT 2003

Sean Reifschneider:

Trying to get the kernel pool working again.  PHP is failing on me.
And I'm finding that the current code for talking to the postgres
database is changing in the new version, but the new stuff doesn't
work in the old one, so...  I'm just going to convert it to Python.
Fixed a bug that James introduced into the NCLUG mailing list.
Playing with the new cell phones.

Jim DeWitt:

Started trying to work on his homework.  Didn't try very hard.
Downloaded KNOPPIX from the tummy.com site at 400KB/sec.

Charles Clarke:

Scalped stamps at the post office.  Discounted mortgage

Evelyn Mitchell:

Moslty just surfed and did e-mail.

Anthony Earl:

Tried his SSH connection to his home machine.  Learned some
new error messages from that.  Read some simulation papers.
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