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Some of us may be interested in this.


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Please do not reply to the linux mail list.  This double post is because
  many don't use ctlug (for meeting announcements etc).  You should use
ctlug if you are near Austin.
Send a blank email to ctlug-subscribe at ctlug.org

Or reply to me at yayaday at gmail.com.  Better yet, update wiki at

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David Duncan suggested CTLUG host a Linux book study.  The first topic
on the list is LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP).

I'm using O'Reilly "Web Database Application with PHP and MySQL", 2nd
Edition, ISBN: 0596000413, but lets see which (if any) text the group
prefers when we meet.

Meetings are at KPI Consulting (2900 Jazz St, Round Rock) each Saturday
at noon.

First meeting is 9/24/06.  Duration is based on pace and scope
established by the group.  Some have suggested adding Ruby on Rails, and
if we do this will extend the length.

The legal stuff:
You don't have to: be affiliated with CTLUG, pay fees, attend all
meetings, already be an expert.  And noobs are encouraged to attend (I
don't want to be the only one).

p.s.  A few will meet this Saturday (9/16) to look at hardware for the
lab, set some goals etc.  You are welcome to join us then as well.

David Day
Ctlug at ctlug.org

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